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A Review: Stronger by Erica Marselas

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Stronger - Erica Marselas

Holy cow! 


I started reading this book on my Kindle app while I was bored on a weekend out of town to visit family. The cover grabbed my attention, because I tend to lean heaviest towards romance novels for young adults. I've never read any other novels or series by Erica Marselas, so this was a chance to experience a new author and their writing style. 


I enjoyed the character introductions, but I believe that they were pretty general, and sounded like every other character introduction that I've ever read. They definitely couldn't stood out a bit more - they were well written, just really familiar. 


The main character, Brooklyn Turner, is someone who a lot of readers can relate to. She's a beautiful 17 year old girl with light skin, freckles, and red hair. She's bright and smart, but got bullied throughout middle school and hid herself in her studies throughout high school. 


Brooklyn's best friend, Riley, is supportive of her and wants her to be able to break out of her shell and show the girl who doesn't feel like she needs to hide herself to stay safe. 


The tormentor of the school, Kara, who has been bullying Brooklyn since middle school, is a very well written character. It's shown throughout the novel how bad some bullies can be, and the lengths that Kara went to keep her victim quiet.


The second lead character, Hunter Evans, is the schools football star with a secret past of his own torment and pain throughout his middle school years. He's had a crush on Brooklyn since the first time he saw her freshman year, but doesn't end up really interacting with her until French class senior year, when he recruits the help of his teacher to convince her to help tutor him in some classes so that he can keep his grades up to stay on the football team. 


The beginning of this novel started out really fast for me and it actually made me pretty nervous about my outlook for the rest of the book. Marselas jumps straight into their story, and he's already laying moves on her during tutoring sessions only 30 pages into the book. I neglected my concerned and continued to read with the hope that the story line will bloom, and I was not disappointed whatsoever. 


I will warn here and now that the sexual content of this novel is a very descriptive and there are a good number of scenes throughout your reading that get very intimate and detailed. Personally, I was impressed by how well these scenes were written, and I do expect similar content in her other literary works. 


The characters face many challenges throughout their story, which does a great job of keeping readers interested. When you get to a point where you're not sure what may happen next, BOOM! Marselas throws the peak right at your face and suddenly you're on the edge of your seat, cheering on your lead characters, cursing your villains, and crying a bit. I really loved this point in the story because I never saw it coming, and the outcome of it was great as well. 


Overall, I really loved this read and I would most definitely read it again. I recommend it to readers who love Romantic Suspense novels, are okay with detailed sexual content, and want a good something to read over the weekend. I gave this a 4.5 out of 5 because there were parts of the story that I thought could be better, and I even thought that Brooklyn and Hunter's story couldn't been extended quite a bit - possibly throughout two books or just adding a few chapters. 


I hope you enjoyed my review! I tried my best not to spoil anything from the story in case you're reading this before you give the book a try. If so, feel free to let me know if my review was helpful or convinced you to read this novel. If you're already read this wonderful book my Erica Marselas, did you agree with any of my points? Again, feel free to let me know and I would love to hear other views! 

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