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I'm in LOVE with reading. My favorites to read are romance novels or series, and poetry. These book reviews are for my senior project, but I plan to continue this book blog afterwards.

A Review: On the Fence

On the Fence - Kasie West

This book was a really sweet "boy next door" story - which I'm a sucker for! I enjoyed reading this, and had it finished within a day or two. 


Our main character, Charlie, is "one of the guys." Having grown up with 4 older brothers, 3 biological and one her neighbor Braden, she's always knows her way around a game and crazy dares. When her father catches wind of her speeding ticket, he tells her that she has to get a job to pay it off. Reluctant and hopeless to find anything, Charlie goes job-hunting with her brother Gage. She strikes luck (or unlucky in her case), when she meets Linda, the owner of her own small boutique shop who offers Charlie a job with 8 hours a week.


She accepts, figuring it's the only offer she'll receive, and figures the job of itself would satisfy her father. Then by her surprise, this job comes to introduce Charlie to a whole new unfamiliar world of feminine clothing, makeup and friends who aren't her brothers. After she agrees to model for a makeup demonstration in the store, she's being asked if she could model for other makeup artists in the area.


Charlie stresses about her new clothes and makeup and how she's going to keep it all from her family. On the nights when she can't sleep, she finds herself outside and leaning against the fence that separates her and Braden as they talk about their worries and conflicts to the night sky. 


 As the story progresses, we watch Charlie grow as she develops feelings for Evan, a guy who's never seen her play it rough on the field, while she also ponders on her potential feelings for Braden. It isn't until she's away at basketball camp for a week when she realizes that the reason why she couldn't get Braden out her mind is because she loves him. 


The conclusion of this novel had it's ups and downs, but nothing too insane where I nearly throw the book across the room. I was happy with the way the book ended, and how Braden and Charlie ended up together, but if there's anything I could change or improve on, it would be that. I absolutely love dramatic love confessions at the end of a story where the relationship was blossoming, but between Braden and Charlie it was a more of a "hey by the way I love you, I love you too, okay we're together now" and I felt like the ending was just way too rushed! 


Therefore, the novel was a great read and a wonderful "boy next door" romance, but I do with the ending didn't feel so rushed. I would recommend it to anyone who likes a good weekend read or a sweet story. 

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